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KONCAB & FKCA at Global Conclave on Konkani Language Planning

KONCAB & FKCA Members Takes Part at Global Conclave on Konkani Language Planning


Global Conclave on Konkani Language Planning, was organised by Jagotik Konknni Songhotton(JKS) in association with Karnataka Konkani Sahitya Academy, on Aug. 24, 2014, at Kalaangann, Mangalore, to chalk-out the roadmap for the future of Konkani.

124 delegates from Goa, Kerala, Maharashtra, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Rome, Mangalore, Bangalore, Udupi, Uttara Kannada and Chikmagalur, participated in the Conclave.




The programme began with a Konkani song by children, led by Sonal Monteiro. Chief Guest, Shri Vishnu Surya Wagh, eminent Konkani poet and MLA, Goa, inaugurated the Conclave by blowing into burning coal and lighting a torch out of the fire – indicating that we have to keep the fire of Konkani burning around the world. In his Inaugural Speech, Shri Vishnu Surya Wagh, said that Konkani language has to be kept alive in all its dialectal and script variety. Those that argue for one script, are killing the language. He also added that the purpose of a language is to build bridges and not walls and that only those who have the vision to see beyond the present will ensure a future for the language.

President of JKS, Shri Tomazinho Cardozo welcomed the gathering and Secretary General, Shri Eric Ozario, proposed the vote of thanks. JKS Vice President, Shri K. K. Utharan, and the Speakers at the Conclave – Dr Andre Rafael Fernandes and Shri Vasant Shetty were also present on stage. Ms. Guadalupe Dias (Goa), Associate Secretary of AIKWO, emceed the Inaugural Session.

Dr. Ravishankar Rao explained the Concept of Language Planning and gave a few tips on how it could be implemented effectively.

Shri Vishnu Vardhan, Programme Director – Access to Knowledge, Centre for Internet and Society, explained how Konkani Language Planning would benefit by making use of the opportunities in the Internet. He also said that this was the first time that common people who speak the language and not governments with the help of a few hired intellectuals, are planning for the future of their language.

Shri Vasant Shetty, Columnist and Kannada language activist spoke about the ‘Importance of Language Planning in the Context of Globalisation’. He explained how globalisation has impacted languages and also how new registers have emerged as a result. He also gave a few suggestions as to how Konkani Language Planning could be done.

Dr Andre Rafael Fernandes of Goa University gave an unbiased assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of Konkani and the extent of the threat of extinction to the language, culture and its identity. He also gave his suggestions as to how these problems can be tackled to ensure a secure future for Konkani language, culture and identity.

Shri Eric Ozario, proposed the Plan of Action for Konkani Language Planning. The Plan of Action was discussed and unanimously approved.

All the Papers were followed by discussions, moderated by Dr Norbert Lobo, President, AMUCT.

“The Conclave unanimously resolves that a ‘Steering Committee’ would be formed under the leadership of JKS, comprising of 44 members – involving 10 intellectuals, 25 representatives of various Konkani organizations (12 from India and 13 from other countries) and 9 Office Bearers of JKS – to prepare the Konkani Language Plan, in consultation with every Konkani organisation around the world. The Committee will work actively for a whole year and present the ‘Draft Plan’ before the next Global Conclave to be organised by JKS, on Aug. 23, 2015, to be discussed and passed; after which JKS will take the responsibility of implementing the plan with the co-operation of every Konkani.”



Konkani Manyata Divas was celebrated at the Conclave, at 4.30 p.m.. Shri Roy Castelino, President of Karnataka Konkani Sahitya Academy presided over the Celebrations. Speaking on the occasion, he said that Konkanis should not shy away in saying that they are Konkanis and should be proud of their identity. The programme began with a Bharatnatyam performance by Kumari Kiran Kamat Shevgoor. JKS felicitated representatives of the Tulu and Kannada community – Shri Dayanand Kattalsar and Shri Sandeep K. N., respectively – on the occasion. The Registrar of Karnataka Konkani Sahitya Academy was also honoured, for the support given by the Academy to the Conclave. Kalakul Theatre Repertory presented a skit titled ‘Yeya, Konknnek Fuddar Ghodduyam’ (‘Come, let’s build a future for Konkani’). Shri Jose Salvadore Fernandes(Goa), Vice President of AIKWO, proposed the Vote of Thanks. Shri Vishnu Surya Wagh, MLA, Shri James Mendonca, JKS Executive Committee Member, Shri Tomazinho Cardozo and Shri K. K. Utharan, were also present on stage. Ms. Melita Sequeira emceed the Celebrations.


The celebrations concluded at 5.30 p.m..

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