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Yamaha Street Legal Dirt Bikes for Sale

Are you a nun of anarchy or an off-road motorcycle legend just waiting to be surpassed? It`s time to find out. The big question is, does all the awesome dirt from off-road motorcycles work on the road? Of course you do! But before you ride on wheels and jump off medians, you need to find a bike that meets your needs and fits your philosophy, your personality – who you are and how you live your life. Your bike must fit a T! After learning the basics of riding a small, street-approved off-road motorcycle, or if it`s not your first rodeo, you might be tempted to take action. These are the bikes that most people settle on when they want an awesome road bike that is great on the land and wild on the streets. Production engine and transmission, but otherwise a heavily modified XR400R. The bike is in perfect riding condition with a clear title. Works strongly. Easy start. The setting is straight and the bike paths real. All functions and components are in good condition. It was originally an “off-road-only” green 4-stroke green off-road motorcycle, which was legally modified and approved for road traffic. Comes with a set of spare wheels mounted with good off-road tires, sprocket and brake discs. Many performance improvements (see below) AC dmv street labels good until November 14th, green CA off-road sticker label expired June `14 I am the 3rd owner.

I have maintained and bathed this bike during the years I owned it, and yes, the pivot point of the swingarm has been regularly greased so that it is not frozen like many older XRs. The bike works and looks fantastic! It`s an eye-catcher in the street. People stop to admire it and ask questions about it. NOTE: This motorcycle has been used for the off-road use for which it was designed and shows the typical minor stripes you would expect from a used off-road motorcycle. These defects are aesthetic in nature and do not affect the reliability, operation or safety of the motorcycle. Please check the photos carefully before bidding. Honda doesn`t have an odometer installed on the XR400R, so the actual mileage is unknown. The buyer is responsible for collection and shipping.

I also accept pickup on site. —————————————————————————————————————————————– Below is some detailed information about building bikes that I think serious buyers will appreciate: Not your XR400 mill, far from it! This is a heavily modified California plated 2003 Honda XR400R. I built this bike to be an indestructible and lightweight performance dual sport that doesn`t compromise. The already reliable XR engine, fuel system and brakes are made of bone material. But almost everything else has been updated. The standard chassis is just off-road enough, so I replaced the fork springs at the front with progressive coils and racing valves. Followed by custom rear spring and rear shock absorber with valve. With the stick hanging, crossing a rock garden on the west coast was stressful and tiring. But with the upgraded suspension, Scott`s steering damper and SRC fork reinforcement, this XR now looks like a smooth and effortless ride, simply absorbing the roughest terrain. Very accurate. It goes where you show it without shaking your limbs in jello.

The stylish A-loop seat and fuel tank conversion allow you to shift your body weight farther forward in corners, greatly improving control and stability, much like a motocross bike. To recover lost fuel capacity from the original tank, I added an Acerbis auxiliary fuel tank just behind the headlight fairing, which distributes weight forward to improve steering control. This bike comes with 2 sets of wheels: one set carries Avon Distanzias for the road, the other set has Dunlop Sports D739 for dirt. To be a true double sport, I wanted to have the opportunity to drive in the city, on the highway or on dirt. With a sprocket of 15 teeth in the front and 45 teeth in the rear, the standard final gearbox is 3:1 and works well on trails, but it is not suitable for highway speeds (in fact, it is quite dangerous to drive a standard XR400 on the highway). For my two lenses, I adjusted the length of the chain to accommodate 2 sets of gears; I went with a 43-tooth rear wheel on the road and dirt wheels with a 15-tooth front sprocket for the road that gives you a 2,866:1 gearbox that allows for an easy and safe cruising speed of 70mph on the highway or high-speed driving in the desert. For trail hikes, I swap dirt wheels with a 13-tooth sprocket, which gives it a 3.3:1 axle drive and makes the XR400 an absolute tractor! I decided not to use dual sports tyres because I thought they were too compromised for me, especially on gravel. But if, as a buyer, you prefer to drive dual sports tires so you can drive the highway to your favorite tracks, you`ll bring the small 13-tooth front sprocket and Allen key in your pocket and simply swap the 13-tooth front sprocket on the trailhead, which only takes a few minutes. then back home for the return home.

Light! When you drive off-road, you know falls happen. The XR is designed to withstand blows, but in stock, it has a few weak points, especially the controls and the low production handlebars (they turn into pretzels when you sneeze on them) that can leave you stuck if you fall and break something in the backcountry. To minimize risk, I upgraded the handlebars to thick-walled pro-tapeers and the brake and clutch levers to a set of dual-articulated SunLine Racing levers that bend in multiple directions if they come into contact with Terra firm. The gear lever also has a flexible seal and is additionally protected by a set of SRC housing guards, just like the rear brake lever. Finally, a sturdy protective plate was added to protect the lower abdomen from large stones. And remember, this is an air-cooled bike, so there`s no radiator that breaks and the coolant leaks, leaving you stuck. As it stands, you would really have to ruin everything to break this bike. Most dual-sport bikes are a compromise. However, with these carefully thought out mods, extra wheels and gear shifting, this is a very versatile bike that makes no compromises in any riding environment. High-performance stator with 2×100 watt circuits (one circuit for magneto lighting and bike pole, the other circuit to power your accessories such as heating duct, auxiliary lighting, etc.) Folding mirror All balls Steering head bearings Single reusable foam air filter Progressive front fork springs RaceTech fork valves SRC fork protector (protects fork sliders from your friends` sleeping place) SRC fork spacer (reduces bending of the front fork when braking when cornering, for more precise control and feel) Works Performance rear shock absorber with more sophisticated ventilation and shock spring K&N exhaust filter Performance K&N crankcase vent filter XR front wing (allows more cooling air to enter the air-cooled cylinder head.

Especially important for high-speed driving on highways or in the desert) Works Connection Frame protectors (black plastic armor on footrest, protects the frame from being cut by the metal buckles of riding boots) Pre-wired Dongle to Connect ATK 650 EnduroElectric & KickstartStreet Heated Clothing Legal MX Enduro Grand Prix DesertTHIS IS AN IMMEDIATErès beautifully modified ATK 650 Enduro shopping list with the following OPTIONS. The Rev-Lok clutch allows you to start or stop in any gear without ever having to touch the clutch lever again. It was a $900 option and it`s great trick and works great. Metzler tires. Scott`s Scooter Service Shock Absorber/Steering Stabilizer. Electronic speedometer/odometer. Graber seat cover. FROM FACTORY, these were very expensive motorcycles that came standard with only the best components – nickel-plated C&J Racing frame and powder-coated swingarm, excellent Paoli forks, excellent WP rear suspension, Acerbis plastics and handguards, Nisin brakes, Answer Easton grease bars, Magura controls, Heel hubs, high-performance stainless steel spokes laced with DID rims, etc. These Rotax 650 motorcycles are already in stock quickly, but the previous owner spent a small fortune to “build” this engine into something really special.

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