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KonCAB (KONKANI CATHOLIC ASSOCIATION, BANGALORE) as acronym, lovingly christened by the founders in the year 1991, triggers a sense of activism like never before, amongst Konkani Catholics. It brings a sense of pride, of being a united community, spiritually first, socially and linguistically next.

It all started on a Gandhi Jayanthi day in Jyothi school premises in Kammanahalli, by a bunch of zealous young and young at heart Konkani Catholics, residing in and around north east Bangalore. What started as an association, is now an extended large family, growing beyond the boundaries of Bangalore, and has over 500 families registered. The Association itself is a registered body in the state of Karnataka.

KonCAB, in its action plan has dynamism inculcated in all wanted spheres of reviving Konkani traditions, bonds of love and family values, collective socialism, sports and sacrifice. The signature feature of KonCAB is the team spirit which is imparted in all the elected committees. Year after year this is exhibited and supported by all the office bearers. Therefore one can witness a distinct style of functioning of the working and management committees. 

One of the popular activity stared by KonCAB was CTBT- Cricket And Throw Ball Tournament, an annual event which, in Bangalore, became a milestone in bringing all similar Konkani associations together with spirit of sportsmanship. Currently another talent search cultural fete known as KALANJALI, brings to the fore, young and all talented at one umbrella. Retreat in Konkani, celebration of ‘Monti Fest’, Carol singing and New Year ball are worth mentioning. Also, participates in all Federation (FKCA) activities.

It was indeed a proud moment for KonCAB when it represented Bangalore in KONKANI NIRANTARI, a marathon singing for 40 hours which ultimately created a new Guinness World Record. KonCAB in its endeavour to have a building of its own for the benefit of Association and to the Konkani Community, has bought a piece of land near Kammanahalli, Bangalore. Every member is optimistic of seeing the structure and are dreaming of it and striving hard to achieve it as soon as possible.

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