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White House Legal Internship Program

Applicants are encouraged to apply for one of three semesters (autumn, spring or summer), with each semester lasting no more than 90 days. These positions are unpaid; However, students may be eligible to receive academic credits from their respective college or university. To cover travel costs to the OSTP, student interns may be eligible for a public transport grant from the OSTP. In addition, applicants may contact educational and other non-profit organizations to apply for funding or housing assistance. For more information on program requirements, application deadlines and links to the online application form, please visit our How to Apply and Frequently Asked Questions pages. Please note that political internships are open to interested students from all majors and programs, including law degree programs. Law students (and any other student) interested in politics can apply for internships in politics. However, legal internships are only open to law and LLM students. You must be a law student or LLM student and submit the application to the legal department to apply for a legal internship.

Applicants are encouraged to read the descriptions of OSTP departments below before submitting an application. The National Economic Council (NEC) advises the President on his economic agenda and policy objectives. The NEC has four main functions: coordinating policy-making on domestic and international economic issues, advising the President on economic policy, ensuring that political decisions and programmes are consistent with the President`s economic objectives, and overseeing the implementation of the President`s economic policy programme. Interns will work with NEC staff on a variety of topics, including infrastructure, supply chains, competition, research and development, small business, financial regulation, housing, competition and tax policy. Full-time participants must be able to commit to at least 35 hours per week (Monday to Friday) and receive a scholarship to participate in the program. Part-time participants must be able to commit to at least 15 hours per week (Monday to Friday) and receive a scholarship to participate in the program. All EOP internships pay a stipend of $750 per week for full-time participation (minimum 35 hours per week) and $375 per week for part-time participation (15-34 hours per week). For more information on full-time and part-time job opportunities, check out each office below. Please note that participants in an EOP internship program cannot receive a separate source of external funding from a third-party organization as part of their participation in the program. Note: The White House has a zero-tolerance policy for drug use. You must pass a drug test before starting your internship.

Failure to pass the drug test will result in disqualification. The following offices and departments in the Office of the Vice-President offer internship opportunities: The Office of Management and Budget offers three internship programs each year: fall, spring and summer. The 2023 spring session will be held in person on the White House campus. Interns cannot participate in the program remotely. All interns must confirm their vaccination status and follow all White House COVID-19 protocols. The White House Fellows program is one of the most prestigious leadership and public service programs in the United States, providing first-hand experience to those with college degrees working at the highest levels of the federal government. Interns will work with staff to assist with many logistical aspects of the fellows` program, including planning and organizing events such as the fellows` lecture series. Interns will also help build and maintain strong relationships with fellows and their respective departments.

Law students who wish to apply to this program have a unique opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of legal practice at the highest levels of the U.S. government. Former OSTP interns have worked on a variety of challenging substantive issues, including employment, budget allocations, tax law, government contracts, ethics, disclosure of information, international agreements, litigation, and ongoing legislation.

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