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Who Is the Killer in Law School

The main suspect in Seo`s murder is another professor, Yang Jong Hoon (Kim Myung Min), who investigates the murder himself, as he is not the murderer. The previous eight episodes have revealed many other people who might be suspicious, even the law students themselves, including Han Joon Hwi (Kim Bum). We also learn that Joon-hwi is now working as a prosecutor. The 2 of them meet Jong-hoon at the university, and the drama ends with the trio walking coldly in the lobby of the law school. Joo Man did this because Kang Sol B was involved in a plagiarism case, but it could very well be that Seo used his college work instead. The impending secret at the law school is the murder of a law professor, Seo Byung Joo (Ahn Nae Sang). But as previous episodes have shown, there are many other interconnected mysteries. The final flies away a few years later – Kang Sol A is a lawyer in an office run by her and Mr. Park, and Joon-hwi is a prosecutor. The two characters go to law school and meet Professor Yang, and they go together as a trio. However, his generous donation to Hanguk University gave him the opportunity to establish himself as an educator at the university`s Faculty of Law.

When he was found dead, the famous but competent criminal law professor Yang Jong Hoon (Kim Myung Min) was arrested by police after evidence pointed to him as the likely perpetrator. Set at Hankuk University`s School of Law, the series tells the story of law school students and faculty who face an unusual case. A professor at a prestigious law school and his students find themselves embroiled in an unprecedented case. A drama about the process of aspiring lawyers recognizing authenticity, law and justice. [5] This is exactly what Sol-A needs when she finally returns to law school for her mock trial. Now it becomes clear that Kang-Dan was also involved. After a show trial, law students at a prestigious university are implicated in a strange death involving the country`s former chief prosecutor who led the show trial class. Prosecutor Seo Byung-joo (Ahn Nae Sang) has ties to the teachers and it`s not cute at all. He even persuaded her to give up her career as a prosecutor and magistrate. During a supervised simulation attempt, a law professor is found dead at the school and Professor Yang is arrested as the prime suspect. Kang Sol, Han Joon-Hwi and other Hankuk students work together to uncover the truth behind Professor Seo`s death and prove Professor Yang`s innocence.

This is mainly due to the fact that her comrade Jeon Ye Seul (Go Yoon Jung) repeatedly insists that she committed the murder in Yang. As mentioned earlier, the central secret of the law school is that of Professor Seo`s murder. While Yang is the prime suspect and is on trial for the murder, other suspects include Joon Hwi, Kang Sol B (Lee so Kyung), the vice dean of the law school, and Kang Joo Man (Oh Man Seok), who happens to be Kang Sol B`s father. It`s amazing how far she`s come. Judging by the small office and clients, it seems that his company is dedicated to supporting the less fortunate. In the 1. Episode, during Sol A`s law school admission interview, she mentioned that she wanted to become a lawyer who could help the poor get justice. Sol A achieved its goal. I really liked law school for presenting how the law can be harmful or useful, depending on how you use it.

We all theoretically have access to it, but it is our own intentions that determine its scope. From a story standpoint, the show delivered some big shocking moments like the trials, the study group moments, but I think the biggest moment of the show – the big bad guy trial. We had a lot of bad guys here – was downplayed. There`s no way he`s just admitted his intent to kill or just perish while everyone is singing like birds after all the conspiracies and secrecy. Id liked that they worked out his process more with all the students and people who were in the crowd and watching him come down. And I agree that I don`t just want to punish Ko if he was practically the head of a corrupt organization. There were people everywhere! From those who have $ to fund his gimmicks to those who also want $ and are willing to sell their soul. I understand that the biggest threat was him, because he wanted to be president, but the people around him also deserved to be punished.

I was confused with Seungjae`s story until the end. Yes, he hacked the teachers, but why? Unless I skipped that part, it wasn`t explained why he did it. Washe Ashamed`s law school was more difficult than he had imagined because he was already a doctor and didn`t want to fail? Moreover, after the jump in time, we do not even see where all our babies are. I know people walk away and all that, but just a glimpse of the study group in their dream jobs would have been satisfying to see that they sacrificed airtime to a big stage like Ko`s trial. However, the show touched on sensitive topics and although it was not perfect, it had memorable scenes like the play of quotes that the students had outside. They looked dazed, a little carefree. It was touching. Diligent law students would also resign themselves to their personal goals, such as Ji-ho`s plan to prosecute Prosecutor Jin. It is also inevitable that Kang Dan will appear in the story and Lee Man Ho, as dangerous as it may seem, will always provide the necessary evil spice or redemptive moment in the narrative. The then-networkless project was first announced in June 2018 by production company Gonggamdong House under the working title Law School Monsters, making it the first South Korean law school TV series to feature Seo In (Judge vs. Judge) as the writer. [8] JTBC acquired the broadcast rights in the summer of 2020.

[9] [10] Faculty of Law. Thank you for being my plot twist 2021. It was indeed a roller coaster ride of emotions, a ride or a dying person, but like all other rides, it will always end. This drama has a special place in my heart. 🥺🤍 #LawSchoolEp16 #LawSchoolFinalVerdict pic.twitter.com/ycljI2sSxa For Han Joon-Hwi, he also followed his dreams and became a junior prosecutor. Fans have seen this genius boy interrogate everyone from abusive friends to prosecutors, even his own friends. Now, this whole practice has paid off and the justice system has a new guardian, although absolutely no one is surprised by Joon-Hwi`s success after only a few years. Not to mention the editing here, which was sometimes borderline horror. The sloppy audio cuts and the many other technical issues mentioned along the way also belittle the effect of this show. In the 3rd trial, Prosecutor Jin colluded with Representative Go`s evil son, who, like his father, has a strong grudge against Professor Yang.

When she forced her girlfriend Ye-alone to make false statements about her teacher`s crime, she was unable to bear it and confessed her situation. The final episode begins with the students and Professor Yang Jong-hoon discussing a plan to bring down Hyeong-su. We had a lot of study group friendship moments in this finale, and I loved them all! I had hoped for more than an ambiguously close relationship between Joon-hwi and Sol A at the end, but we still had a lot of sweet moments. I loved that she promised to support him rather than her uncle, and no one can convince me that they didn`t flirt during this mock test exercise.

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